Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm a Woman


While creating woman, GOD is working over time in the day sixth.

ANGEL: Why it takes so long, MY LORD?

GOD: Have you seen each details I made while creating her? These 2 hands have to be clean, but not made from plastics. At least made from 200 parts that could move and work well for each type of food. Could guard as many children in the same time. Have hugs that could cure disappointments and agony. And everything could be done only by these two hands

ANGEL: Only by two hands?....impossible! And that is a standard model?!Ok MY LORD, I think it's enough for today, we can continue to complete it tomorrow

GOD: Oh... No, I will complete this creation today, because it's MY best creation. Moreover, she could also cure herself and could work 18 hours in a day.

Angels come closer and see her performance and look to the woman that being created by GOD.

ANGEL: But YOU made her so soft MY LORD?"

GOD: Yup.. I made her so soft. But you haven't imagined yet the power I gave, so she could solve so many problems amazingly.

ANGEL: Could she think?

GOD: Not only thinking, she could also negotiating

Those angels then touching her chin....

ANGEL: MY LORD, YOU made this creation looked tired and fragile! Seems like too much weight for her.

GOD: That's not tired or fragile....that's tears

ANGEL: What does it for?

GOD: Tears are perfect way for her to express her grief, doubt, happiness, sadness, love, loneliness, agony and pride

ANGEL: It's awesome, YOU are so genius MY LORD. YOU are thinking detailly for her; your created woman is going to be greatly very fabulous!

This woman will have power to appeal men. She could handle problem even more than man. She can save her own happiness and opinion. She can smile even though when her heart is howling. Could sing when crying. Crying when crumple, even laughing when frightened. She sacrifices herself for people she loved. Could stand up against unfairness. She does not reject to see something better. She jumps herself for her family. She takes her sick friends to the treatment.

Her love is without requirement. She is crying when seeing her son become the winner. She is so bright and cheerful seeing her friends laughing. She is so cheery when hearing a birth. Hear heart is so sad seeing someone sick and obituary. But she always has the power to overcome each of life problems. She knows that a kiss and a hug could heal up the hurts.

There is only one thing wrong with the woman: She forgets what she is WORTH.

Appreciate every woman in your/our life. Every day, every minutes not just on WOMAN DAY. She always stand her ground. Sometimes down but will stand tall again.

By the way, Happy Woman Day!! as a woman, I want to thanks to every single persons in my life because you all has showed me, how worthy I am. Time is hard and that is make how worthy journey is. God Bless you all..

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