Monday, March 22, 2010

Resting Place...

I’ve held on for so long
I cannot replace the tears of disgrace
Cause you running from the truth
All the ways you kept me hanging on

It’s seems the road I choose
Bring back to the place that I left before
And, again I’ve to choose my own road
Lighten by Him

Sometimes the road of life seems long
As I travel through the years
And with hearts that are broken
And eyes brimful of tears

I falter in my weariness
And sink beside the way
But God leans down and whispers
"Child, there'll be another day."

And the road will grow much smoother
And much easier to face
So heart… Please do not be disheartened
Because, this is just a resting place

And unto You.. I placed my HOPE
Bless this broken road…


  1. Any problem my dear? or just another way of you expressing yourself,,,,, anyway i pray that the good lord will continue to guide us and bless us with all that he has good for us... amen?

    take care now my dear and have a great week ahead

  2. Yup..Lord will bless us always..I hope the road I gonna choose are the one for me..leave the old road..being hanging there for so long.. and yes..I'm expressing myself hahaha..only in writing I can do this

  3. That's one great thing about blogging, we can express out anything that we want to say and feel inside. Let go of the past and move on, the right on will come your way.

  4. Yes, Blogging is the place to express our thoughts.

  5. Hi C.Alv.B, Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.

    I just posted about a friend of ours re her unhappy relationship.
    You stay strong, life will go on....and the sun will appear tomorrow.
    Best regards, Lee.

  6. hidup perlu di'kayuh' , walau kadang kita terjelepuk dan tersungkur... hidup memang begitu...

    ekspresi diri ~_^

  7. Nice one Alv... be firm in your decision and don't ever look back!

  8. Nice piece. Seek God when you feel at lost. May He guide you with His wisdom.