Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pampering Weekend

Last weekend I made myself 'available'.. for my ownself.. lol. Wake up as early 6.00am, I took up my sport shoes and go for 'walking' a.k.a jogging. Need to sweat a lot since I've been in aircond room for almost 10hrs everyday.. I choosed Likas jogging track as it very near to my house... 5-8 minutes drive.

Likas Jogging Track has turned out to be a good venue for a simple work out. The track runs around a small lake and with a distance of 1km from the starting to the ending point.

There are also line dance classes running regularly here such as Western dance or slow motion dance a Tai-Chi dance …hehehe.. I did tried it, but I laughing all the way.. hehehe.. may be its not for me. Beside that, sport facilities also can be found in this complex like swimming pool, badminton courts, tennis courts, football fields and a gym room. Every evening, there is aerobic classes held here…

Took breakfast with my sister and friend after the 'workout'.. lol.. me and my sis went to body massage for about 1 hour. Since the Beauty shop belong to my friend, I got discount hehhee.. save few bucks.

~Japanese Dream Food~

Craving for Japanese food after the massage... again I made myself 'available' to eat a lot..

Movie time... well, I have to admit that this movie is not as what I expect for.. It's about two teenage twin who lost their mother. Their father send them for vacation to Auckland.. visiting their auntie. They discovered something at eerie derelict house with the dark forces unleashed within...alienated the mountains there..

Walking and shopping around.. having a sweet time with my sister and few bucks 'melayang pergi'

Again.. having a tea time at Starbucks...

After zoombing around for almost 6 hours.. it's time to get home and again.. movie time..this time at home with family.. free and easy.. hehhee... Sunday? took whole day sleep, eat and movie at Astro... I'm sure all of you have a good weekend too..


  1. Hi Alv...
    I watched movie last Saturday. Watched "how to train my Dragon"..
    Pretty funny and some slots were quite touching.
    Anyway, Life has been much much better with rain today. :)
    Have a nice day Alv..

  2. hey thanks for dropping by today and u sure know how to pamper yourself :)

  3. Wow those pictures look pretty amazing!
    Hahaha especiallythe japanese foooddd <33 yum :)
    just thought i'd comment and say hi, and come check out my blogg anytime :D
    just started it today! :P

  4. LOL... it's really good to have a 'ME' time, isn't it? I want it too.

  5. wah, wat a nice way to indulge urself over the weekend....

  6. Wow looks like you had a lot of fun .. You have a pretty successful blog.

    If you have the time could you please take a look at my blog and perhaps become a follower, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Dan.

  7. another weekend ~_^ eppy good Friday

  8. olá meu nome é bruna.
    gostaria de saber se você mora na Malasia e se as fotos acim é da malasia?
    tchau fica na paz!

  9. Wow that's a total pampering and relaxation. I would love to jog there with you hehehe..

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  11. hello, loved your prayer above, but I wish I had bee able to join you in such a nice day...

  12. walao. this is my kind of day man! anytime! so shiok!

  13. Waa... you bring your camera everywhere you go :)