Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pie of emotions..

Suddenly stumble with this chart pie... 'hope' presented very little here... most people easily lost hope when stuck in the troubles. Whatever problems we are facing..dont forget to lit up the candle of HOPE.. (hehehee..especially to me..). Need a break through..

I remembered a quote about HOPE..mind to share with you...

The Four Candles burned slowly.
Their Ambiance was so soft you
could hear them speak...

The first candle said, "I Am Peace, but these days, nobody
wants to keep me lit." Then Peace's flame slowly
diminishes and goes out completely.

The second candle says, "I Am Faith, but these days, I am
no longer indispensable." Then Faith's flame slowly
diminishes and goes out completely.

Sadly the third candle spoke, "I Am Love and I haven't the
strength to stay lit any longer."
"People put me aside and don't understand my
importance. They even forget to love those who are
nearest to them." And waiting no longer, Love goes out

Suddenly...A child enters the room and sees the three
candles no longer burning. The child begins to cry, "Why
are you not burning? You are supposed to stay lit until the

Then the Fourth Candle spoke gently to the little boy,
"Don't be afraid, for I Am Hope, and while I still burn, we
can re-light the other candles."

With Shining eyes the child took the Candle of Hope and
lit the other three candles.

Never let the Flame of Hope go out of your life.
With Hope, no matter how bad things look and
are...Peace, Faith and Love can Shine Brightly in our lives.


  1. Hey Alv...I really like this entry.
    Good posting!

  2. Very touching. Indeed Hope is what we need when everything else fails.

  3. hi C.Alv.B... good inspirations, i read about this before.. hope is what we have for now on earth...

  4. Wow thanks! That is inspiring. :)

  5. i found this chart scary but i think there is some truth to it

  6. Yes,,, thank you love this post..... HOPE and believe

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  8. When the world says, "Give up,"
    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    Best regards, Lee.

  9. keep on striving no matter what..that's hope.

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