Friday, January 15, 2010


Time past so fast.... it's Friday now. Dont know what to do..I should make an advance plan for every weekend otherwise I'll spend it in front of TV, sleep and eat more till Sunday evening..hehheehee.. not good for woman right?...keep adding weight, lazy and tired.. what are you going to do guys? For tonight I planned to watch

By the way, I've got a promotion price from my friend for her newly open beauty shop (2nd shop). What a good idea since now 'bulan tua' and at the same time I really need a body massage and scrubing and its really cheap!!..thanks God. It's not easy to look for the package below RM100 for this two combination... normal price can add up to RM200++. I considered myself lucky this weekend..hehheee... night time? a friend of mine told me....'let' s go to hu ha hu ha..' emm... good idea. Maybe I should join...emm...still thinking about

Anyway, have a blessed Friday night guys....


  1. moi....i fill it up with Yoga class.... best o...u should try i guess... happy weekend ya

  2. LOL... so jealous! You can sleep! i cannot worrrrr... got imsomnia... up til now, almost 20 hours awake d. :( sobsobsosb!

  3. i am so tired probably will go home and rest early...

    hope u have a wonderful friday night...

  4. mmm... i am wondering what is Hu Ha Hu Ha... i play chess only... that's the way.. ah ha ah ha kekek!!!

  5. U enjoy yeah?!!! Long time no massage LOL.. its always nice to be massaged and sleep soundly LOL..

  6. Happy weekend Alv. Today, I thought of doing some shopping..only worried about the's been raining lately ...

  7. You have a interesting blog. I visite you from old germany and send great wishes to you.
    Servus, so long and have a nice day

  8. Hello C.Alv.B, I got an idea, go take up Ballroom dancing.
    I'm sure there must be a dance studio where you are.
    And I can tell you, first of all you will never regret taking it up, but one of the fastest ways of...if you want to slim down, get good abs, firm is Ballroom dancing.

    I kid you not, but you cannot imagine how much you will sweat! And after mastering the Waltz, or Rumba, go for Tango.
    And this one will make you really sweat.
    Ohhh ya, who knows, you will be making good friends too, maybe get a handsome dance instructor? Or dance partner?

    You stay beautiful, and have a great weekend, best regards, Lee.

  9. Aiks... can tell me where this spa is? I oso need. :(

  10. i oso need body massage, which kedai is it? manatau telimpas2 buli singgah :)

  11. April..where yoga clas you follow?

    Cleffairy, go and watch boring movies then you can sleep well..hehee

    Via..yup you better rest then's mean 'karaoke' session hehehe

    Housewife..yup sleep while being masage..hehe

    Honey..happy weekend too. Next time bring me together to shopping..hehe

    Jouir..thanks for dropping by ya..

    Uncle Lee..emm its a good idea. Maybe I should try..who knows? hehee

    Wen..thanks ya

    Cleffairy..the place are in KK.

    Gagaukon..located at Centre Point (Santai Beauty) 1st floor and Donggongon Square..go and try :)

  12. As a writer, I'm going to suggest you write stories, get published and become a famous author so you can autograph books for me!

  13. Go find a date instead of watching TV lol..

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