Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All I Wanna Do..

We all making lists. Especially if we live by our own ‘organizer’ and rules. Well.. I’m talking about myself.. lol... I’m making all those list to keep track of all the things that I need to do, to make progress in certain areas of my life and to be reminded of them at the appropriate time. When I failed, I feel so unmotivated and starting to lost focus, regret and down. Juggling with all this lists make me suffer sometimes. And I realize one thing, people starting make an expectation to me in whatever things I do. That make me stress and suffocated…huh..

But, since these few days.. I feel like.. I don’t need all of this.. all I want is do something that can or chances to break all those rules.. my own rules …. hehehe… maybe I just want to give up everything and do something crazy.. hope I’m not too crazy to get fired and unemployed, drawn in debts, tickets summons… lol..


  1. Go ahead and break your self imposed rules and make yourself happy.

    as long as we do what makes us happy without hurting others,it is good enough.

    take care now

  2. It is good to let your hair down to do something that you like.

  3. Spontaneity. Isn't it great? :-) Happy New Year!

  4. We live this life only once :)
    so be it. do what we want to..no regrets :)

  5. follow ur heart..:)
    have a blessed new year..

  6. Eppy New year :)

    dare to walk on d path you choose ...
    hehehe... follow your heart...

  7. Dear Alv

    seriously, you ve the tendency to be a perfectionist. or are you? =))

    get a break dear. go do something different or the best thing, break away! go for travel and do something that you always want to do =))

    u will be fine.

  8. just follow what your heart says, my friend..

  9. as long as u feel alright..and "as long as it matters"-Gin Blossom. Gud luck in everything u do ;-) Ask for me... im still lazy for blogging...Nds some hands here!

  10. live today as there won't be any tomorrow and forget about the rules, expectations and bla bla bla :)))

  11. hi ...thanks for ur comment...

    wow...reading tis post...reminds me what i did previously...follow ur heart and instinct...just DO IT!