Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Relaxing Workout

I don’t do any exercises which required energy especially jogging or walking. I always feel tired halfway. I even tried the aerobics and it’s only last for month. Why? I don’t like the feeling after workout.. hahahaha. My friend introduce me one kind of relaxing exercises called ‘Pilates’. I heard about it before and assumed it was for slimming purposes to flatten the stomach, belly and hip. However it is contributing and helps to reduce a weight loss without popping up in the gyms to do the body cardio and which again, needs more energy... huh. But after joined it for almost 2 weeks now, I found it’s very relaxing and need not much energy.. hehehe.. no need to go out to the sun, no sport shoes and you can do it even at your room. I’m sure your guys have heard about this Pilates thingy but still, I want to share with you all. Who knows you all want to join me…hehehe..

Pilates is a body conditioning routine that seeks to build flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination without adding muscle bulk and it’s also increases circulation and helps to sculpt the body and strengthen the body's which focusing on activation of the low back and pelvic stabilizers during each exercises, strengthens the muscles to support the spine and protect it from injury.

This is kind are various exercises methods from around the world, among them the mind-body formats of yoga and Chinese martial arts. These exercises are intertwined between our physical and mental health. The designed of this exercises program are around principles that support the philosophy of yoga-meditation including concentration, precision, control, breathing and flowing movements. Most of the Pilates exercise focusing on the mat exercise. These exercises are designed according to the needs of our body’s to use it’s own weight as resistance. In more specific and descriptive terms, Pilates exercises focus on flexibility of the spine in all planes of motion and encourages the individual to pay close attention to their own postural or range of motion limitations so they can obtain the most out of each exercise for their individual body.

I like this kind of exercise because is so relaxing, calming but NO Sleeping hahaa…


  1. wah...i've got the feeling klau ko buat nie selalu mesti ko makin sexy kan? heheh

  2. i think Pilates was started by a Italian sport coach, it helps to make your body more supple and flexible, and like Andrik said, it will sure make you more sexy if you do it long term.

    keep it up, for me i dont really like indoor exercises, mine fav are tennis, swimming and running

  3. Andrik, yang penting sihat bah hehehe.. sexy belakang kira

    Eugene, Pilates started by Joseph Pilates..the Germanish..

  4. i did all that yesterday evening in my pilates class...goodness gracious..my tummy muscle is in pain rite now..yes its a calming exercise and really need good control of ur body....effective and fun...try it :)

  5. I tried it twice, I yawned throughout. haha. I guess i prefer vigorous workouts than relaxing one.

  6. wow....sia mau seksi mcm ko la...i also prefer indoor ba....i hate sun...should join u...

  7. i feel sexy if i were ask to do that lols

  8. huhuhu..sia kena eksesais lebih lagi ni.. azam awal tahun hari tu mau kasi kurang berat..tapi mau ujung tahun mcm tambah berat ada...atukui!

  9. This is interesting...I believe it should be done under proper guidance. Hope I do find one coach...

  10. I tried doing the second to the last position but it is so hard hehehe..

    Got here from Willie's page.. Hope to see you around..

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  11. baru2ni ktorang ada buat senaman spt ni..nampak cam senang..hehehe..tapii...

  12. I don't hv much time to do workout lately..but I don't mind to go for a swim.

  13. Ebeez.. yes it is fun and more relaxing added with soft and gentle music.. hehehe

    Coffee Girl.. I know, me too first lesson I yawned a lot

    Willie.. I guess this kind of workout doesnt fit you heheh

    April.. yes come and join me la..hehe

    Archie.. bah come la..join hehe

    BudakHutan.. first mau ingat untuk sihat dan cergas dulu.. kurus belakang kira..automatic ja tu hehe

    Jarlin.. I'm sure you cab find one. Just ask around..maybe at the yoga or aerobic classes

    Chubs.. the pose look easy but NOT... haha. Anyway, thanks for dropping

    Erol.. memang nampak senang. tapi sakit ya ampunnn..

    Honey.. how I wish can swim like you.. hehehe..

  14. Hi C.Alv.B...Holy Smoke! Looking at the pics, if I try any of those acrobatics, the ambulance will be rushing over, ha ha.
    But good for you to do exercises....I think badminton, swimming or jogging very good too.
    Have fun and don't over strain...Lee.

  15. since it's relaxing, i think i'm going to enrol myself for pilates too. i used to go for yoga but getting lazier and lazier, haha.

  16. Uncle Lee..hahah I just started for 2 weeks. Hope this time I can go furher.. I'm not really into jogging, swiming? I need Honey help hehehe.. badminton? will try it..

    Jen.. ya, you should try too hehehe

  17. U wanna go for a swim? pelan pelan...i'll teach you how...
    the first lesson i was told by my coach was...DO NOT BREATH IN THE WATER UNLESS YOU R A FISH...hahaha
    But..we got to meet first isn't it dear...but but but...how...susah la mao jadi anonymous nih... adedehhh

  18. a Honey.. need to meet first.. why want to become anonymous? hehee

  19. Wah.. sama la kita, syapun half way ja kalu exercise..huahua.. emm..kalu sya pun sya rasa sya sure tertidur pya coz talampau relax kan..hihi..

  20. mciam yoga kan, wish i have time to join tiz or yoga... blek