Monday, April 18, 2011

He Lives

I’m not realized that the 40 days of fasting are almost over. Pheww!!.. we are entering the last week of Lent which means we are very near to the Easter Triduum, the Holy days that devoted to the special prayers and observance. Yes.. it is preceding Easter Sunday (The Resurrection) and this is time to commemorate and enact the suffering and passion of Jesus. I’m counting down to the days to come

(Credit to Clarice Cbz)

I cannot wait for the Easter Vigil (to be honest) as I will see my new friends in their baptismal cloth and I really prayed that their journey will be sacred forever. Yes.. of course once again to renew my vow to follow Him. This weekend will not be the same and that’s I’m very

Happy Holy Weeks Friends…and Happy Easter


  1. Congrats to your dear friends... ;)

  2. Hi girl....bila lagi ko mo update nih? I couldn't wait to read from u.
    Take Care...