Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On and Off...

A good friend of mine called me today. She’s engaged and in a relationship problems. I know about her problems as I always chat with her parents. I feel pity to her.. or should I?

They break up with anger, tears and end it up. Then, two weeks later, they've made up, talked it out, and together again. Another week later it happens again. Break up, make up, break up, make up, over and over again. After a while, it starts to get routine, and it’s become used to the constant tumultuous relationship. I do remembered they’ve throw the ring twice and make it up again

I wondered why she doesn't just end her chaotic relationship once and for all. Especially when she personally realized that this is an on-going pattern that may never come to a close. As a friend, I prefer her to take a long ‘holiday’ from these kind of stuff coz I really know how suck the impact to her life. The family had advised her too. Maybe these what we caked cinta karas… heheheeee..

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which position is worse. Is it better constantly watching your friend in this emotional roller coaster or is it better to be one who is somehow stuck, and cannot make the final decision to the end the relationship. I know most of us agree that breakups suck. The most unforgiving part of a breakup is that moment when you start to second guess yourself.

There is never any way of knowing our fate with the one we love or what lies ahead of us, and despite everything, it's always hard to let someone go. To me the only thing we can really do is jump in head-first, listen to our instincts, and most importantly follow our heart.

I don’t know why I write these post.. emmm… no idea maybe.. hehhehee…


  1. This kind of relationship will never be happy...they will face more problem once they get married. For me, better to end and become good friend.

  2. some say opposite poles attract.. some repel.. well, no comment.. haha.. we r just bystanders..

  3. our instinct speaks the best. our guidance of all time :)

    great post!

  4. i don't know...since I am in my midst of confusion either to let go or trying.

  5. Hi C.Alv.B, regret to read about your friend. I guess girls are more sentimental, emotional and forgiving than men.

    As I do not know her real story, none of my business anyway...there's also 2 sides to a story.
    But whatever it is, reading your posting, she should sit down and decide once and for all whether all that ups and downs and tears is worth going on?

    Relationships are like glass Sometimes its better to leave them broken than to hurt yourself putting it back together.

    And if someone you love hurts you, cry a river, then build a bridge, and get it over with.
    The day she finds true love with a man, HE won't make her cry.

    Wounds of the heart is the worst pain in the world. There is no medicine in the World to cure it.
    Only time.
    Time heals wounds, but sometimes scars remain...but we are the better for it, as we have the experience to step forwards again.

    And the sun will always come out tomorrow. Behind every cloud there is a silver lining.

    I know of 3 women who were in similar situations. Then they thought, 'what the heck? Why should I suffer and cry everyday"?

    They broke off the relationship with a clean cut, even changed their email, phone nos...and yes, they felt the pain, but today, they have found a new love, and the new love doesn't make them cry.

    One lady told HIM, "you go to Hell"! And it was game over. She refused to accept or take him back, and he did go on his knees too.
    But she knew in a week, HE will make her cry again. She was strong, not weak.
    Best regards, Lee.

  6. I also donno y you wrote this post. But it sounds sad.

  7. Err... donno what to comment.. becoz she is not me and her fiancee is not me either he he..

  8. My cousin experienced this kind of situation before. It's so hard for her to let her ex go but finally she made it because she didn't want to be a sufferer anymore...but now, she's a happy person with a better man...ehehhe

  9. just make it simple. Break up hehehe

  10. Stoney... I've a same thought too

    Claire..ya we are bystanders..just pray for them

    Nc..again, listen to our heart hehehe

    Angel.. I understand you..

    Uncle Lee.. thanks. There is always a silver lining after all hehee idea maybe.. blocking by these post hehehe.. have to let it out..hehehe

    DZ.. we are the bystander after all hehehe

    Mj.. good for her.. are correct

  11. Spooky, that's almost like my relationship... Must make things right again... Thanks for posting this. BTW, is that what the people around are thinking (like yours I mean)? Have a nice day. ;)

  12. cant really say much you know.... adults should learn to make their own choices, good or bad, happy or regret, we should all tanggung sendiri, dont you think so?

    now before you get into relationship, please do a due-diligence check first hahahahah