Sunday, October 3, 2010

Green Green Saturday

Last Saturday, I decided to bring my nephews, niece and family's to The Green Connection as weekend activities. It' s just 5 minutes drive from my house. It has been launch for 5 months. It is an amazing biodiversity of habitats of Sabah. It is an eco theme park displaying the wonders of nature from Sabah. I've took hundred pictures of it but just shared few of it. Too much to upload hehhe. There is a lot of rare plants and animals. Could not managed to took pictures of the plants as I'm more interested an aquatic life hehehehe...

By the way, here is the map to go there.

It also includes a science and discovery center with interactive hands-on modules which are not only fun but educational for children. Spend for almost an hour there. The kids love it so much. Happy for them.

The aim of the project is to promote environmental awareness by exhibiting the ecosystems of Borneo and highlighting both the threats they face and the desperate need to conserve the ecosystems as well as the animals who live there

This project's are under NGO funded by HSBC, Yayasan Sabah and other Educational Group's. Feel lucky because it happened I meet the woman (I think she is an Aussie) who managed this projects. They are still in progressing of 'keeping-safe' the mega-biodiversity of what the nature hold for us.

Personally, I think we as a local-Malaysian should give a big hand to them for 'helping' us to know the 'treasure' for what we have in hand...

What a wonderful green-green day


  1. Nice place to hang out! i'm sure kids love places like this...i always like to bring my kids whenever there's one nearby.

  2. I've been there on last september..

    Okay juga ni tmpt..ngam utk budak... especially budak2 sekolah..belajar pasal binatang...:)

    although dia tdk sebesar mcm aquaria KLCC, tp we should be proud and support our local place.

    Thanks for sharing this. I'll find sometime to share about my trip to this place too.

    Have a great day. :)

  3. what a nice place to visit. i wish i can go there.huhuhu.

  4. I wish i could have this outing here in Penang,too bad,none at all.

    by the way,if you want to teach the youngs about Green, then we have to always show it ourselves first...

    good one here,hey take care now and God Bless ya

  5. nice..i'll be there soon hehe :)

  6. Hi!! Remember me?

    Did that guy really wear the snake draped all over himself? Euugghhh!!

    *Following u*

  7. Hi Chris..yes its good for kids to know something about our nature and indirectly educate them to appreciate it.

  8. Stella..yup we should proud and support or local biodiversity..

  9. Goldflower, you can go anytime. It's open 24/7 from 10am to 6pm.. :)

  10. Eugene, very true..lead by exmaple

  11. Willie, I'm sure you will like this place. Good for photo shoot too

  12. Coffee Girl, of course I still remember you. Where have you been? wah..changed templates some more, nice one!!. It is true, the snake is his best friend. I'm re-following you too hehhee..

  13. Alv0808 > Yeah...definitely i'll take lots of photos there.

  14. Hello Alv, loos fun, and I love this place. I guess it is educational for the kids.
    Have fun, best regards, Lee.

  15. kids will remember your kindness.

    and they actually learn a lot from this fun outings.