Monday, March 9, 2009

Respect Woman

Wake up this morning a bit early normally I don’t especially on Sunday ..hehehe… actually alerted by alarm clock. I tuned on my radio… and the radio DJ wished all the woman..HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY..

I‘ve planned my day today. I make my way to library this morning as early 8.30am.. lol.. I know is not easy to look for parking space especially on Sunday..Tamu at Gaya Street. But have faith.. I must look for it and yes I did it!!..what a wonderful day. Library open at 9.00am. To ‘killed’ the time.. I look for something spicy to eat and it could be my only meal till evening hehhee.. while waiting for my order to be serve, I tuned on my hp radio

While enjoying my music, I got distracted with the sound of yelling and rough words. As I turn my head to the sound.. I got shocked!! The incident of ‘tampar-menampar’…OMG. I saw a big guy hit the small small as me hehhee. Anyway, back to the story.. I’m not really understand what is all about but from what are they yelling for is about a jealousy and misunderstanding. The guy pushed and kicked the girl!!.. a few people have tried to stop the guy . The guy yelled at the girl by saying she is ‘cheap woman’ and the girl replied ‘If you love me, why don’t you marry me? What? you think I’m a …. bla bla bla.’ something like that… this drama run for about 10minutes. I feel pity with the girl as she’s been kicked down to the floor (mentang2lah lelaki tu besar..). Please do respect woman!!

Really killed my mood of eating. I feel ashamed with it. Where’s all the passion, dignity and humility stand? It’s only become a laughing stock to others..


  1. What a scene! lelaki tidak patut memukul seorang perempuan. Cukup memalukan...

  2. i always have this one good advice for my lady friends,leave your boyfriend or your husband if he were to raise his hands on you even for the first time. if you condone it, he will do it the second and the third,,,,,

    never let a man hantam you,,,,ladies should be respected not abused

  3. Resorting to violence is very much opposed by most religions. As a man, i wouldn't do that.

  4. it should not happen that way..klu pun tu lelaki marah ..or maybe the girl doing something that realy hurt the guy all he have to do is just leave the need to do the physical abuse thing...stupid guy, poor gal..

  5. perempuan itu patut belajar tekwondo, kalau kana tampar buli mengelak atau paling best balas balik hehe

  6. Happy Women's day... :), Sejarah dari dulu menunjukkan women ni selalu dalam kelas kedua, tapi sekarang berada didalam taraf yg sama dengan lelaki...

    Banyak idea kalau cerita pasal ni topik but, saya malas nak cerita, nanti ada agama lain yg tersinggung...

  7. i wonder what will the guy do if his sister gets the same treatment.

    kadang-kadang kalau terlampau muda sudah couple nah macam-macam boleh jadi, belum matang bah kan.

  8. hemm... what a shame... hemm.. nda patut eh...

  9. Honey..Saya setuju dengan kamu hehee

    Eugene..I really agree with you..

    Willie..I hope all man will think like you

    Fred..hahahaha..penuh emosi ko arr..

    San..ya betul tu. Memag banyak yg boleh kita cakap malah boleh buka satu topik besar hehehe

    Greg..muda atau tua tidak kira yang penting..tau apa itu RESPECT..hehehe

    Gagukon..hehehe..mcm ni sa patut pi belajar judo ni hehe

    Huguan..memang pun nda patut hehee

  10. alalala... btul ba tu? kalu once lelaki pukul ppuan kan, mimang tu lelaki nda sesuai jadi suami tu.huh! kuat pukul tu nanti

  11. That is really sad. At least those passer-by stand up for that woman.